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Whether you’re considering and Request for Information (RFI) or Request for Proposal (RFP) for employee benefits consultant, ESOP trustee, 401(k) plan or a healthcare organization do it with OneVision, through our fully integrated RFP management platform.

No matter the type or size of RFI or RFP, with OneVision you’ll make better informed decisions.

To DIY or NOT?

Whether you are running a RFI or RFP is a robust process. As experienced search consultants for employee benefits and retirement plans, we know firsthand the commitment involved. Do-it-yourself may seem like an attractive option, in some cases it is. But for many plan sponsors/fiduciaries will find the hiring an expert is the right move.

  • RFI’s can take up to 50 hours
  • RFPs can take up to 100-200 hours

With OneVision, we can reduce the timeline, provide concise reporting, interactive scoring of responses with your committee, improve outcomes with informed decisions.

Create & Collect Responses

You likely know what you’re looking for, but do you know how to find it? Today’s number one search vehicle is Google, chances are you could download a PDF, some service providers even offer them which can be a good starting point, but these questions are often general or oriented to their best interests.

OneVision customizes vendor inquiries to your company needs, establishes the timeline for response and invites them to participate on one interface.

Keeping respondents on time in collecting their proposals is often difficult and time-consuming. OneVision simplifies the process through automatic communications, securely collecting submissions. Large file size or large numbers of attachments, usually a problem for email based RFPs, are eliminated using OneVision.


OneVision makes proposal comparison process easy by allowing you to review answers from multiple proposals side-by-side. Scoring and voting allow you to easily analyze and advance candidates. Your review committee, regardless of geographic constraints, can easily communicate and share notes on candidates.

Document & Retain

it is wise to document your decisions as well the basis for them. With OneVision your fully documented process all one place. At the end of the RFP, a document that summarizes the entire due diligence process is immediately available. If you wish you can Explorer as well as all ancillary data attachments for your records.


Effective communication with respondents is critical for successful RFI/RFP. With OneVision all communications occur within the platform, removing the need for external emails. There are no lost emails or wasted time searching for critical communication.

Concierge Services

OneVision provides a turnkey solution in creating a custom RFI/RFP, we make sure you get the number of respondents you need and keep the process on track. The only thing we don’t do is make the final decisions.

To learn more check out the article “Considering a review of your broker and their services? To DIY or Not?” in our blog.

Or schedule an introductory meeting with a OneVision representative.

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