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The Fiduciary Process at work for you:
Organizing their priorities

Organize and Prioritize

The fiduciary process begins with Organize and Prioritizing – Review plan governance process, define roles and responsibilities of all parties (fiduciaries and non-fiduciaries), disclose conflicts of interests, review or establish governing documents, review vendor contractual agreements. Perform historical analysis of employee benefit plans.

  • Benchmark broker & plan design
  • Viability Report
  • Plan Governance Index
  • Vendor Contractual Review
  • 408(b)2 discloser 
  • Conflicts of Interest Disclosure

Formalize and Standardize

Formalize and Standardize – Review current risk management strategy, illustrate future costs, analyze, and illustrate economic potential for implementation. Design governing document to outline purpose, key objectives, implementation stages, roles and responsibilities and monitoring strategy.

  • Strategic plan
  • Objectives and key results
  • Key performance indicators
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Implement and Administer

Implement and Administer – Establish procurement and due diligence process to select service providers in a manner consistent with the obligations of care. Implement and document strategies in accordance with the fiduciary obligations of care.

  • Process
  • Governance
  • prescriptive solutions 
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Monitor and Observe

Monitor – Reporting performance against appropriate benchmarks, key results, and objectives established associated with benefit plans. Perform periodic reviews conducted to ensure that plan-related fees and the services provided are deemed “reasonable.” Perform a review of the organization’s effectiveness in fiduciary responsibilities.

  • Peer Group Review
  • Strategies
  • Measure effectiveness
  • Fail Fast
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