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Together, with a team of passionate and like-minded individuals, ONEVISION was born, observing that “nobody represents the employer”, the industry of – employee benefits and retirement plans has been riddled with conflicts of interests, gross incentive payments and overrides for years.  Functioning as an advocate for the employer, independent relationship, utilizing a process driven approach and incorporating governance to managing employee benefits, would finally bring organization and the oversight of key performance indicators impacting the employer’s programs.

Patrick Williams


Founder and CEO of ONEVISION, Patrick Williams gives insight into the industry of independent fiduciary, and tells how he began the ONEVISION journey.  After working as a benefits consultant for 35 years, Williams was finding that less than 5% of the companies he was consulting with were well positioned with active management and a clear strategy towards managing employee benefits.  With 95% of the companies focused on “just buying healthcare or offering a 401(k) plan”!  He wondered why more companies were not taking a proactive approach in managing benefits knowing that it is the #2 spend financially, that they could not continue to absorb the increasing expenses to their P&L, sparking the idea of independent fiduciary empowerment.

Jamie Greenleaf

Jamie Greenleaf


Jamie Greenleaf is the Co-Founder of OneVision. She has been acting in a Fiduciary capacity, helping employers design and implement benefits programs to create better outcomes for employees, for her entire career. Jamie grew up in the retirement advisory industry, beginning her career at leading firms (UBS and Prudential), then becoming a principal of Cafaro Greenleaf, a leading Northeastern firm, in 1997. She grew the firm to national prominence before it was acquired by OneDigital. In 2019, Jamie founded TILT, a health plan technology and consulting firm, to help employers control costs and provide better health benefits. In 2020, after the Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA) was signed into law, Jamie co-founded OneVision.

Jamie is a Specialty Leader with the Center for Board Certified Fiduciaries™ (Health Care Plan specialization), a group of fiduciary experts selected for their skills, best practices, and knowledge. She is regularly invited to speak at industry conferences, is a sought­ after presenter for many continuing education sources, such as Pensions and Investments,, and SHRM University Conference Services, and is an adjunct lecturer in the Plan Sponsor University certification program for UCLA’s Anderson School of Business-Executive Education.

Jed Cohen


Jed is a serial entrepreneur whose career has spanned multiple industries including technology, the performing arts, and not-for-profit. In 2009 Jed launched, one of the world’s first crowdfunding platforms, with the aim of empowering people through access to capital. As Co-Founder & COO, Jed and his team scaled the platform to one of the largest in the world and enabled independent artists, entrepreneurs, and scientists to raise millions of dollars to complete passion-projects. RocketHub was acquired in 2015. From there, Jed moved into health-tech, helping to scale Outcome Health past a $5 Billion valuation, before becoming the COO of Venture for America, a national non-profit dedicated to developing the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Jed is a graduate of Harvard University, where he earned his degree in Astronomy & Astrophysics.

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