EliminatE Financial Waste

in Your Health benefits plan

OneVision fiduciary consultants are dedicated to optimizing spend, reducing liability, and improving your benefits plan.


Ever increasing healthcare costs hurt companies and employees


New laws and regulations require employer action and increase liability


Taking action now will reduce liability and improve benefits

In a recent survey, after learning about the requirements of the CAA,

88% of employers said they will hire an independent firm to benchmark their broker

Are you prepared to swear?

Annual attestations are due by the end of 2022. Have you removed all gag clauses from your plan contracts?

There is an epidemic failure within businesses to understand what’s really happening within healthcare. Lack of transparency and accountability have cost employers and employees lots of money.

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Employers are asking all the wrong questions and therefore getting all the wrong answers.

We are at the threshold of a new era for the American healthcare industry. The Consolidated Appropriations Act empowers plan sponsors to fulfill their fiduciary obligations under ERISA.

Karen Handorf, Senior Counsel
Berger Montague

You can’t have the fox watching the hen house. Impartial third-party benchmarks are required to determine reasonableness.

Patrick Williams, Founder & CEO

Don’t let your vendors lull you into complacency. Nothing is being complied with. None of these rules. Nobody’s in compliance yet. And that’s about to change because there’s about to be a lot of litigation forcing compliance.

Julie Selesnick, Senior Counsel
Berger Montague

Stop just “buying healthcare”!
Bring effective strategy to your benefits.


One Vision. One Fiduciary Team.

  • Align your C-Suite, HR, Brokers and Consultants
  • Implement governance and proven procedures.

Get Compliant with CAA


Recapture ebitda


Harvest operating expenses


Institute Healthcare Procurement

“Patrick enhanced the business statement and balance sheet. Through his strategies our medical cost decreased 50% in the 1st year, that equates to 51M in sales!”

That’s 24x on our investment!

Greg Barnes

President, Bill Ussery Motors, Inc.
Coral Gables, FL

Think of us as your
Employee Benefit Quarterbacks

  • Align your C-Suite, HR, Brokers, and Consultants
  • Implement Governance, procedures that incorporate OKR’s and KPI’s
  • Actionable Intelligence based on your population
  • Smart Data which supports all decision making
  • Incorporate a “Fail Fast” approach to drive the results


It’s easy as

Let's take a deep dive

We take a deep dive
and analyze your current
plans, data, and contracts


To determine reasonableness.
Based on service, quality, value, and outcomes.

Annual Attestation

Complete your attestation
and establish your fiduciary course.


Benchmarking is part of the fiduciary process!

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